“Some people only know one way of giving – with both hands, with all their hearts, and without a second thought. Thank you for being one of those people.”

God bless you on your journey through life,

Dear Dr. Coberly & Staff,

I want to thank you all for everything you did for me and my family during a scary time. My dog bite experience, although awful, was made manageable because I knew I was in good hands.

The surgery you performed was nearly perfect and you made sure that we all understood the entire process. I feel that I am on the road to an excellent recovery. People don’t even know what happened when meeting me for the first time!

Thank you fo much,

Dear Dr. Coberly,

Thank you… I consider it an honor to help anyone I can by encouraging them through a difficult time. I’m so thankful for what you and my other doctors did for me. If I never said it before, I’ll say it now,

“Thank you, Dr. Coberly for everything.” You’re truly a remarkable person.

Have a wonderful holiday,
God bless you,
M. C. *

Dear Dr. Coberly,

Thank-you for fixing my face!

Thanks to you I can be a beautiful girl!

Age 5 *

Dear Dr. Coberly,

“A kind word of thanks for all you’ve done”

Thank you for seeing me and all of my family. You were very kind to offer your services. My daughter returned to New England with peace of mind because of your kindness.

God bless you and the work of your hands. I do hope our paths will cross again someday. ‘Till then happy trails to you and blessings galore.

Many thanks,
M.H. *

Dear Doctor Coberly,

“If you’re feeling appreciated – it’s because you are.”

As you see he certainly feels secure with you. Your doctor skills and bedside manors go far beyond normal.

Thank you, keep up the good work. If I ever get money, I may come in for some touch up work myself.

L & D. H. *

Dr. Coberly,

I came to you with a very heavy heart and you turned my whole world completely around. You helped me accomplish exactly what I had been dreaming of since my origional surgery. Now when I proudly look in the mirror I’m just always smiling. I look forward to many years of friendship.

Your friend,
S.P *

There are certain people we thank in our prayers, and one of those people is you, Dr. Coberly. And this comes to say, ‘May God bless you forever for all you so thoughtfully do.’

Thank you so much.
A. A. *

In this busy world,
it’s wonderful
that some people
still have the art
of taking time for others-
of giving from the heart.

Dear Dr. Coberly & Staff,

I wanted to let you know that I appreciate the friendliness and kindness you and your staff showed me during my visits. I felt very comfortable and was very pleased with you and your staff. I’m glad to know there are still kind doctors in these days.

Thank you again,
A.L. *

Dr. Coberly,

I wanted to say thank you for all you have done for me. I sure hope you know how incredible you are! You have helped me get through scary times that would be true for any woman facing mastectomy. Your gift, your amazing meticulous work, stores hope and confidence in women. You literally help make me feel beautiful again on the outside all the way to the inside! You are simply an amazing doctor, plastic surgeon, and caring human being and I am so blessed Dr. Cox chose you forme! I could keep on with so much more to say…

I thank you Dr. Coberly!

God Bless You,

L.G. *

Dr. Coberly (Dana),

Your surgical expertise made my two little bumps possible; making what seemed a hopeless situation, hopeful.

God bless you for everything.


T.K. *

Dear Dr. Coberly,

Thank you for being so patient with me. I know I was difficult at times but your patience and love has helped me get through this rough journey. You are awesome!


A.C. *

Thank you for taking such good care of me.  I appreciate everything you did.

S.V. *

Dear Dr. Coberly-

I appreciate the wonderful care and attention you gave me both pre and post-surgery. Looking forward to a continued patient relationship with you.

Kind Regards,

S.B *

Dr. Coberly-

Thank you for making me look so pretty for my 60th birthday!

I would also like to thank your assistants for their professional, attentive care.

Your skilled hand-along with the staff’s prep-made me feel physically comfortable and emotionally well cared for.I hope you all enjoy a wonderful summer.

S.T. *

Dr. Dr. Coberly,

I want to sincerely thank you for putting me back together again. After my mastectomy, I felt like a rag doll with one piece missing, my right breast. I know the most important thing with cancer is surviving the odds, but it is so very nice to know that in the end, you sculpted me new breasts, and gave me my femininity back. That helped me so much with my mental state while I fought such an awful disease. Your surgeon hands are truly Gods gift to you and I hope you continue putting smiles on future patients by making their breast look ‘normal’ again, and somehow even prettier than the old ones!

May God continue to richly bless you,

E.P *

Dear Dr. Coberly,

Many thanks for coming to our support group, we really appreciated your program.

Thank you for showing us all the wonderful ways you can help a woman feel like a woman again.

God gave you a special talent and you share it with others.

Thanks again for your time.

Breast Cancer Support Group *

Thank you for being so kind to help with my stomach! I feel so much better about myself already!

5 stars! You are amazing!

J.A. *

Dr. Coberly,

I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to you for choosing to donate your charity ad space in South Tampa Magazine to ‘My Hope Chest’.

With support like yours, our grassroots organization continues to grow and offer the opportunity for cancer c=survivors to feel whole again and heal in a body, mind and spirit.

We truly appreciate your generosity and would love to share more about MHC  and connect in the new year.  Until then… Peace and Blessings

A.G. *

*Keep in mind that each patient is unique and your experience may vary. Testimonials are from actual patients of our practice who have provided consent to display their words online.

Coberly Plastic Surgery review summary

5on Facebook,Jun 13, 2018


Sharon is awesome. She has made a huge difference in my skin care and my routine. I like it natural and don't like peels or needles - she works with me on making me look good and natural while improving my skin. Love her -

5on Healthgrades,Jun 03, 2018


Dr. Coberly did my breast reconstruction right after my mastectomy, I mean right after. After my breast surgeon was done getting rid of all my cancer and doing the mastectomy Dr. Coberly stepped in and did the reconstruction. Dr. Coberly made a great decision with me only having one surgery because I already had a stroke. She didn't believe my body could handle another surgery. Dr. Coberly made all the perfect decisions for me and everything looks great! Thank you Dr. Coberly!

5on Google,Jun 02, 2018


Dr. Coberly and her staff were a huge part of my breast cancer team! Everyone in the office is helpful and professional. And Sharron gives a great facial! I highly recommend Dr. Coberly!

5on Google,Jun 02, 2018


Dr. Coberly is highly skilled and very talented, in addition to being meticulous. She takes her time and her results show that. I had a double mastectomy with immediate reconstruction. I was so apprehensive about how i would look and when i woke up i could not even tell i had undergone a mastectomy. She is also very kind and compassionate. I dont think you could ask for more.

5on Facebook,May 31, 2018

Jennifer Hopkins

Dr. Coberly is the ABSOLUTE best! I was referred to her in 2015 after I’d already gone through a bilateral mastectomy & several reconstructions in 2011-2014 for a major correction on the right side due to a hematoma & multiple collapses. I was told it couldn’t get better then it was. I’d done my research. When I came to her I was down, depressed, and nearly hopeless I could ever look even & pretty again. I’d heard she was the best, she is the BEST! Anyone that meets her and JLee and staff can attest to the kind, happy, thoughtful people they are and commitment to the work they do. A 10 on a scale of 1-5. Forever grateful!

5on Google,May 31, 2018


Best team ever! This is the only place I would trust to go... I know Dr.Coberly and staff will never make me look “done” i like a soft natural look... and if you just want a facial, Sharon has the hands of an angel

5on Google,May 31, 2018


Dr Coberly is an excellent plastic surgeon. She has done surgery on my wife and I and she does fantastic work. She is an artist with a needle as well, doing Botox, fillers, etc. She also does laser work with equally good results. I am a surgeon myself and I have chosen her for my care. You will be very pleased with your treatment from Dr Coberly.

5on Google,May 31, 2018


Dr. Coberly is the ABSOLUTE best! I was referred to her in 2015 after I’d already gone through a bilateral mastectomy & several reconstructions in 2011-2014 for a major correction on the right side due to a hematoma & multiple collapses. I was told it couldn’t get better then it was. I’d done my research. When I came to her I was down, depressed, and nearly hopeless I could ever look even & pretty again. I’d heard she was the best, she is the BEST! Anyone that meets her and JLee and staff can attest to the kind, happy, thoughtful people they are and commitment to the work they do. A 10 on a scale of 1-5. Forever grateful!

5on Google,May 31, 2018


Such a great office experience, fast, efficient, accurate and friendly. To be recommended when one desires a higher level of professional service. Having a qualified board certified surgeon taking care of you, even for small procedures, offers much more assurance of quality care.

5on Google,May 30, 2018


i was diagnosed with stage 3c ovarian cancer with the BRCA 1 mutation gene not quite a year ago. after my successful hystorectomy doctors said u had an 85% chance of getting breast cancer so i had a bilateral double mastectomy a few month later. i was referred by my oncologist nurse to go to Dr. Coberly- she said she is the best! Dr. Coberly was to complete the reconstructive portion. although I have not completed the reconstructive process so far everything has been phenomenal. Her staff is amazing too! Everyone is professional, relaxed, helpful and down to earth. i am so happy with the results so far!

5on Google,May 30, 2018


Great experience! Dr. Coberly demonstrates extreme skill, kindness, and efficiency. I would recommend her to anyone considering a procedure!

5on Google,May 30, 2018


Dr. Coberly has been the best while guiding me on my journey. I feel complete. I had breast reconstruction after bilateral mastectomy due to breast cancer. This is definitely a first time/type of surgery for me. Thank God I was directed to her. I thank God she chose this field.

5on Google,May 26, 2018


I believe is been about a month now Post OP on breast augmentation and so far great. Thank you Dana you really did a great job I love my breast more lol I'd recommend anyone to you... She Listens to what you want and the outcome is amazing. Very happy.. Her staff are outstanding women they will all take care of you if you consider Dana for anything.

5on Healthgrades,May 23, 2018


I am a surgeon myself, Dr Coberly is excellent! She has done work on my wife and I, and she did marvelously for both of us. We still come for laser, Botox, and fillers ( my wife.) Dr Coberly is an artist with a needle! You be very well pleased.

5on Healthgrades,May 19, 2018


Thank you Dr Coberly and Staff. I am so pleased with my recent procedure and results. I am receiving compliments and I am not even fully healed yet. Your attention and care is amazing.

5on Healthgrades,Mar 23, 2018


Dr Coberly did a breast reconstruction revision for me after a horrifying and painful experience from another Doctor. Doctor Coberly is an angel in every sense of the word from bedside manors to her artistry in surgery. I am so grateful to her and so thrilled with my results!

5on Facebook,Mar 07, 2018

LaVerne Fritscher

Yesterday was my first of four photo fractional treatments and I am so amazed at how much better my face looks already. Dr Coberly and the staff are amazing! I am now so excited about the rest of my treatments!

5on Healthgrades,Nov 20, 2017


I had a consultation with Dr. Coberly about a redo on my double mastectomy. I had counseled with a doc in Orlando who I thought was very good, but after my consult with Dr. Coberly there was no comparison. She explained things, made recommendations and suggestion reviewed all and was all around wondeful. I have now returned to the office for Facials with Sharron and she too, is wonderful. Takes her time, makes recommendations, and has done wonders for my skin. I am totally impressed..

5on Facebook,Aug 25, 2017


I went in for a facial and loved my entire experience. The atmosphere was very serene. My facial was done by Sharon and it was AMAZING!!! She took the time to explain my skin and how it is reacting to products that I use. She made sure I was comfortable during the entire process. Afterwards she made recommendations to what I can do and use to help my skin as I suffer from Dermatitis, Psoriasis, dry/oily skin and recently acne. If you are looking for the best this is the place.