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Arm lift surgery, medically referred to as brachioplasty, is designed to eliminate sagging, excess skin in the upper arms to provide a more youthful and contoured appearance. Often resulting from the natural aging process or weight fluctuations over time, the accumulation of loose, inelastic skin in these areas is a very common condition. An arm lift from our board-certified plastic surgeon, Dana Coberly, MD, can ultimately reshape the upper arms and give the skin a much firmer, more defined look. 

What Are the Benefits of Arm Lift Surgery?

An arm lift can be an ideal procedure for both women and men who are experiencing a pronounced loss of tissue elasticity in the upper arms. This collection of loose skin can be present among individuals who may otherwise be in the best shape of their lives, which makes it even more frustrating when a healthy diet and exercise regimen yields no significant effect on the arms. Fortunately, arm lift surgery can remove the excess skin and redrape the remaining skin for results that look more sculpted and toned. 

During your initial consultation with Dr. Coberly, she will examine your upper arms and help you determine whether arm lift surgery is right for your needs. If the concern is primarily being caused by excess fat rather than skin, liposuction may be a more appropriate solution. Upon evaluation, Dr. Coberly will recommend the most ideal option and create a customized treatment plan designed to achieve your goals. 

What Does the Arm Lift Procedure Involve?

Arm lift surgery is usually performed on an outpatient basis, and general anesthesia is often required for this procedure. Dr. Coberly will make incisions along the inner region of the upper arms in order to remove the excess skin. She will then pull the remaining skin taut to produce smoother skin and a more contoured appearance. 

Dr. Coberly will provide you with surgical garments to be temporarily worn on the upper arms during the recovery period. These garments can help the arms retain their new shape and facilitate the healing process. Post-operative swelling should dissipate in the weeks following the arm lift procedure. Most individuals can resume normal routines within approximately one to two weeks, depending on their unique needs. 

If you have questions about arm lift surgery, or if you are ready to schedule your consultation with Dr. Coberly, please contact our practice today.