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Ear Reshaping is a procedure performed by plastic surgeon Dana Coberly, MD to correct deformities of the shape and size of the ear. The folding and curves that define the ear can be re-formed to correct missing and awkward areas of the ear that cause it to look too large or too prominent. Ear lobes that are too large, wrinkled, or injured from earrings can also be restored and rejuvenated. The goal is to create natural appearing ears. Perfect symmetry may not be possible and most people have ears that do not quite match.

Who Is a Candidate for Ear Reshaping?

The ear is fully grown around 5 years of age and often can be addressed prior to the child starting school. Repair at this early age can help prevent ridicule and teasing, but the procedure can be performed at any age over 4 or 5, including adults.

“Thank you for taking such good care of me. I appreciate everything you did.”


How Is the Surgery Performed?

Small incisions are made in folds of skin or behind the ear to reach the underlying cartilage. The structure of the ear is then altered and sutures are used to secure the new shape into place. A large dressing is often used after surgery to protect the ear from injury.

Patients’ Before-And-After Photos

What Is the Recovery Like?

Depending upon the extent of reshaping desired, the procedure may be performed as an outpatient or may require an overnight stay. Someone may need to stay with you overnight. For more extensive reshaping, a bandage may need to stay in place for several days, then a protective band may be worn for 2 weeks. Many patients experience a throbbing and burning sensation for the first few days. Scars will fade over time to become faint.

For more information, visit our page on Preparing for Cosmetic Surgery and also see after-care instructions for Ear Reshaping.


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