Tampa Plastic Surgeon Hosts Menopause Education & Women’s Health Event Focusing on Vaginal Rejuvenation Options

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Dr. Dana Coberly, a plastic surgeon in Tampa, recently hosted an event at her practice to discuss symptoms of perimenopause, menopause, and postmenopausal symptoms, as well as effective treatments for vaginal rejuvenation and female intimate wellness.

Dr. Dana Coberly, a board-certified plastic surgeon and the Medical Director of Coberly Plastic Surgery & Med Spa, recently held a special event at her practice to discuss perimenopause, menopause, and postmenopause, as well as new vaginal rejuvenation techniques and treatments designed to improve female intimate wellness.

Tampa, FL – Menopause and the stages before and after it (perimenopause and postmenopause) can create a variety of unwelcome symptoms for women as they transition into a new chapter in life. Some of those symptoms involve significant functional and aesthetic changes in vaginal and labial tissues, which can have an affect on one’s self-confidence, physical wellness, and comfort during sexual intimacy. Dr. Dana Coberly, a board-certified plastic surgeon in Tampa, recently held a special event at her practice, Coberly Plastic Surgery & Med Spa, that gathered women across a spectrum of ages and backgrounds to talk about all stages of menopause and discuss new treatments designed to alleviate common symptoms and help mitigate cosmetic and functional side effects.

At Dr. Coberly’s Women’s Health Event held on August 18th, individuals learned about an array of advanced, minimally-invasive vaginal rejuvenation procedures. One of the treatment platforms discussed was the EmpowerRF system by InMode, which includes several different techniques to address specific concerns associated with vaginal wellness. With therapies such as Votiva FormaV, VTone, Morpheus8 V, and FemTite™, Dr. Coberly says the EmpowerRF system offers a comprehensive range of options for patients who may be ideal candidates for a non-surgical labiaplasty alternative or other vaginal rejuvenation procedure.“There are now many ways to improve vaginal and labial conditions associated with menopause, the natural aging process, and childbirth that do not require invasive surgery, and the EmpowerRF treatment system may be an option for many women. Treatments that can be performed with techniques available from this platform include those that can improve the effects of vaginal relaxation, pelvic floor weakness, loose and elongated labial and vaginal tissues, dryness, pain, stress or urge urinary incontinence, and other common symptoms.”

Dr. Coberly says the use of less invasive remedies for these conditions can significantly minimize the potential for scarring and long recovery periods. Many of the treatment techniques in the EmpowerRF platform involve the use of radiofrequency energy that can help stimulate collagen, tighten the tissues, improve muscle health, enhance lubrication, or even decrease the size of tissues without the need for surgery. While not all individuals will be ideal candidates for non-surgical solutions, Dr. Coberly says the many advances made for these types of treatments over the years have made it possible for more and more women to take advantage of options that can significantly improve feminine wellness without requiring major surgery to achieve their goals. “Women should not have to silently endure the cosmetic and functional effects on feminine wellness that menopause, aging, and other causes can create. These treatments are designed to address a lot of common concerns in a less invasive way, allowing women to reduce discomfort, enhance aesthetics, and just feel better and more confident about themselves overall.”

Ultimately, Dr. Coberly explains, women who are considering vaginal rejuvenation procedures should carefully research their options and talk with a qualified medical professional about the best way to meet their needs. She says women should also never be hesitant to ask questions and to have honest conversations with their provider about the concerns they have and the potential solutions that can serve as the most ideal treatment options.

About Dana Coberly, MD
Dr. Dana Coberly is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and is a past President of the Tampa Bay Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons. She is also a member of The Aesthetic Society® (previously known as the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery) and the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. As the head of Coberly Plastic Surgery & Med Spa in Tampa, Florida, Dr. Coberly offers a comprehensive variety of plastic surgery procedures, including breast augmentation, facelift, and tummy tuck surgery, as well as an expansive selection of non-surgical cosmetic enhancement procedures designed to enhance one’s appearance and address a variety of common concerns. Dr. Coberly is available for interview upon request.

For more information about Dr. Dana Coberly and her plastic surgery practice, please visit drcoberly.com, facebook.com/CoberlyPlasticSurgery, or @coberlyplasticsurgery on Instagram.


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