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Microneedling with PRP

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Advances in the field of aesthetic enhancement have made it possible for us to use natural properties in our own body to rejuvenate our appearance. Microneedling with PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma) is a non-surgical option that encourages the skin to produce healthier skin cells and effectively improve concerns ranging from signs of age to acne scars. Our plastic surgeon, Dana Coberly, MD, and her experienced team here at Coberly Plastic Surgery & Med Spa offer this innovative combination of treatments that can help many individuals enhance their appearance with exceptional results.

What Is Microneedling with PRP?

Microneedling, sometimes referred to as collagen induction therapy (CIT), is a non-surgical aesthetic enhancement technique that utilizes a special pen equipped with very thin needles to create microchannels in the skin. This can help stimulate the skin’s collagen and elastin, helping it to repair itself and minimize signs of aging and other skin conditions. PRP (platelet-rich plasma) therapy is a treatment that involves the use of the patient’s own blood to help the skin restore and rejuvenate itself. Platelet-rich plasma is harvested from a small blood draw and placed on the skin of the area targeted for treatment. When this process is combined with microneedling, the skin is even better able to naturally renew and restore areas of concern.

Microneedling with PRP offers a number of advantages for individuals who would like to:

What Are the Benefits of Microneedling with PRP?

Combining Microneedling with Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy can be an effective procedure for patients who are considering their options for facial rejuvenation. Each of these treatments can provide good outcomes on its own, but they often create even more pronounced results when combined. With the microchannels produced by the microneedling device, the PRP can be more effectively infused into the skin of the treatment area, allowing both techniques to work together and help the skin repair itself from the inside out. This can ultimately aid the skin in replenishing its appearance by producing healthier skin cells and a more even, refreshed appearance.

During your initial consultation with Dr. Coberly, she will talk with you about your needs and goals and help you determine whether microneedling with PRP therapy is the right treatment for your expectations.

What Is the PRP Microneedling Treatment Like?

The treatment process begins with a simple blood draw. Depending on the size and number of areas being targeted for rejuvenation, only one small vial of blood is typically necessary for most patients. The platelet-rich plasma will be separated and extracted from the blood, and then delicately applied to the surface areas of the skin. We will then guide the microneedling device over these areas to create tiny perforations in the skin, making it easier for the PRP to be absorbed into the skin. Once this is accomplished, we will apply another layer of the platelet-rich plasma. This process should stimulate the body’s natural healing responses, ultimately leading to healthier-looking skin in the targeted areas.

Microneedling with PRP can be completed in our office and does not require general anesthesia. We can apply a topical anesthetic to the treatment areas, and we also offer “laughing gas” to make sure the process is as comfortable as possible. Depending upon each patient’s individual goals, multiple treatment sessions spaced apart over a series of appointments may be necessary to achieve optimal results.

Is There Any Aftercare Necessary Following Microneedling with PRP?

Since microneedling with PRP does not involve invasive surgery, this treatment usually does not require a lengthy recovery period. In fact, many patients are able to resume normal routines on the same day. With this in mind, some degree of swelling, redness, dryness, and peeling in the treated areas of skin can be expected after the procedure. These effects should significantly diminish over the next few days. It is recommended that you keep the areas well protected from sunlight following treatment. Our team will advise you on how to properly care for your skin in the days and weeks after your microneedling with PRP procedure.

The results of this treatment usually become apparent within two to four weeks. The skin’s collagen and elastin should continue to provide rejuvenating effects in the months that follow, often leading to even more noticeable results.

For more information on microneedling with PRP therapy, or to schedule a consultation, please contact us today.